Jasmine Veronica

Born in 1999, in West Palm Beach, FL


School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA 2021

Syracuse University, MFA 2024

Artist Statement

Jasmine Veronica is a Jamaican-American artist whose photographs investigate the history of representation involving the Black, female body. From the depictions in ancient artworks to the history of the slave trade and auctions, Sara Baartman (Hottentot Venus), and even within the history of gynecology, Black women have forcefully had every inch of their body displayed for the world to see. While also keeping her own personal experiences in mind, Jasmine Veronica uses the camera on herself to immerse herself in the extensive history. From being fully nude to becoming caricatures of the Mammy, and slowly revealing herself as if in a slave auction; Jasmine Veronica’s practice seeks to acknowledge this history as current and to recognize the subjects as an ongoing act of repression. Currently, she is focused on the history of Black women’s health, motherhood, the loss of one’s self in the act of being a mother, and the act of care.

                                                                       Curriculum Vitae

Group Exhibitions

2022 Light Work 2022 MFA Photography Survey

2021 SAIC Spring Senior Undergraduate Exhibition

            SAIC Photo Students on Review Virtual Exhibition

2020 The Artist Movement-Black Lives Matter Virtual Exhibition

2020 There Will Be No Refunds Virtual Exhibition

Lectures and Artist Talks

2021 Artist Talk for Nathan Miller’s UIC class

2020 Student Discussion with Distinguished Alumni Lecturer Nyugen E. Smith

Awards, Honors and Residencies

2021 Aperture and Google Creator Labs Photo Fund

2020 Parents Council Internship Scholarship

2019 Ellen Lanyon Scholarship

2017 SAIC Recognition Merit Scholarship

Books, Catalogues and Publications

2022 Blkhappy.com “'Guide to a Healthy Body' Interview with Jasmine Veronica"

2021  Aperture.org “Announcing the Winning Artists of the Creator Labs Photo Fund”

            Vmagazine.com “Creator Labs Photo Fund Announced Its Twenty Finalists”

            Vogue.com “Aperture and Google Have Announced the Winners of Their New Photography Fund”

             Vogue.it “Family, body and identity in the winning photos of Aperture + Google Creator Labs Photo Fund”

2021   SAIC Magazine “Meet the Graduating Class” feature

2018   SAIC Photography Department Catalog Yr. 17-18

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