Guide to a Healthy Body

Body positivity, diet, and workout culture consume our day-to-day lives. As soon as we open a social media app, we are faced with cooking videos, mukbangs, advice on how to lose weight, workout videos, body positivity, etc. 

When we come across these posts, opinions are formed about a person's health based on a surface-level post. This also brings an underlying pressure to constantly fit into this box that defines a body. What generally falls into this box is how much a person weighs, the shape of their body, what their diet is, and if they workout or not. 

However, just because a person appears to fit into this healthy box doesn't necessarily mean that they are. In the same sense, if a person appears to be what is considered the complete opposite, usually overweight and unhealthy doesn't necessarily mean they are either. 

Thinking of the underlying irony that is presented in these social media posts and diet commercials, Guide to a Healthy Body investigates their elements. What defines a healthy body? What are we consuming every day? What does working out do for our bodies? What exactly is considered body positivity?

*This guide won't bring any bodily changes to those who choose to follow it*

Jump rope for a minute and use the rope to measure your waist

Thrust  those hips

Plank for 30 seconds

Bounce that ass like a tennis ball

Don't forget to snatch that waist

20 Side Kicks

20 Squats

Stretch and Rest


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